My Ministry Trips

A chance for the Holy Spirit of God to help people

John 14:23-24

Here I will put the date and places of my Ministry Trips and Other Outreach Activities. May God receive the Glory in all things.

mikehill4jesus I have been called by God to mobilise the Churches for Spiritual Warfare during the dark times leading up to the return of my Lord Jesus
My search is for members of the Body of Christ who can take the spiritual leadership in their Church. The Holy Spirit is encouraging me to do a Prayer Stand in various parts of my Community. It will involve me standing in a place where there are people, such as Markets, Shopping Centres and near, if not outside, Places of Worship. I will be standing alone and not preaching out loud as it's not so threatening and impersonal. I am always amazed at who God brings to me and it's always profitable if I let the Holy Spirit have total control of my Witnessing. I have done this on and off for 39 years.

As we enter a Dark Age that will put us all in danger. It's important that people meet a true Member of Christ's Spiritual Body and not just a professing Christian who is unconverted, only religious.

My next Locations: Dates T.B.A.

Tuesday 29th May 2018. Walk, Bus Ride and Train Ride from Stirchley to Birmingham and Back

Spoke at length with a young Asian Photographer. He took my card and was interested in what I said about Jesus. I then went into the Bull Ring Market looking for the Nut Centre. Then I went into a nearby Church Tea Room. I found it very quiet and the welcome from the Guy working there was a bit cold and disinterested. This despite my being invited to visit them. Hopefully he will warm up in time. To be honest, most I visit are like this. I returned by train and sat with 2 elderly gentlemen. They were chatty but unsure of me. Still, after a long time out due to a serious illness, it was encouraging. I used my WattsApp to encourage others about my Ministry Walks. As the young photographer said, "It's who you are that they will remember, not what you said." I helped several people to smile while I spoke to him - he saw that.

Thursday 20th July 2017. Walsall, England.

Today, I will be delivering 'Information' Cards to Churches in and around Walsall.

Update: Well, I left home in the rain at about 930am. The traffic was heavy but moved at a good speed. I found 23 Churches in total. Some were closed for good, others were not open for visitors, but I found one that was open - just. The Cafe closed at 12:30pm and I got there about 12:10pm. It was my last Church, so I had a coffee and biscuit plus a chat with the lady vicar and a man about my age. It was a welcome rest in a peaceful atmosphere.

Saturday 15th July 2017. Standing outside Birmingham Cathedral and St Martins in the Bullring (Birmingham England)

I will spend an hour outside of each, first the Cathedral and then St Martins, and wait for the Holy Spirit to bring people to me. If He does, I speak with them and give them my Card.

Update: Well, despite all my reservations - it's a ME problem and I just ignore myself. I had a very interesting time today. Birmingham was packed with people.

1. Replaced my bag as it broke on Bournville Station. A lovely mature lady in the Bull Ring Indoor Market sold me an exact replacement in black. Not only that, gave me a £1.99 discount - she had noticed my mikehill4jesus embroidered badge on my jacket. We never stopped laughing!

2. Visited the St Martins Cafe so that I could swap my things from the broken to the new bag. I have to admit, it was a poor experience - no joy at all.

3. I then chatted outside to a couple from Indonesia and gave them a card. Then a, for a want of a better description, woman in poor condition started to push me away from them.

4. Then the 'ME' bit kicked in, so I waited on the Holy Spirit who then led me up towards New Street. Then I walked down to Union Street where a Band was playing. While there, I was able to chat with a Salvation Army Lady. As usual, I shared who I was and gave examples from my Testimony plus my Card. The Band had moved on, so I went over to five Salvation Army Officers, four men and one woman. I introduced myself and told them I had given my Card and chatted to their colleague. To say their response was loud and critical would be fair. However, I simply stayed in the truth, while they objected to me. It's not something that I mind, for all I have to do is witness for Jesus who is my Judge. Throughout it, I felt my conscience was clear. I shook hands with them and started to walk up towards the Cathedral.

5. I walked past the armed Police and into the Cathedral Grounds. I soon noticed that the Birmingham Vineyard Healing on the Streets Team were in operation. I sat on a bench to watch them and got into a lovely conversation with a lady who was sitting on the bench when I arrived. She saw my Badge, but we just talked in general. She was my age, so we had a lot in common. Sometimes the Holy Spirit just wants a person to feel the love of Jesus and have old memories about Jesus revived. It's what happened to me and I was always grateful. She left and I took some more photos. On going to the Main entrance of the Cathedral, I was able to have light conversations with people. That's the advantage of my Badge, they could choose to chat or pass me by.

6. On arriving at Birmingham New Street Station, it's like a maze, to catch my train home. I chatted to a couple on the platform. Then I chatted to an Asian Mother, her little Girl with a blond Barbie Type Doll, and I think the Grandmother. A chat full of smiles and laughter. And I spoke of how my two daughters toys were up in my loft. I also mentioned that I was now a Grandpa of 2 months, but sadly, my daughter lived in Australia. Then a young woman sitting opposite them started chatting to me about my family and Grandson. She was very pleasant. All this was going on while an elderly Man and Daughter - they looked and dressed North African - witnessed it all, but though I smiled at them, they did not respond, and they didn't have to.

Well, so much for my, "Is it all worth it?" and only God can know. All this happened without my having to work at it. I just acted friendly and showed love, goodwill and benevolence to anyone I came into contact with.

I do hope you are encouraged. God Bless. xx

Thursday 13th July 2017. In and around Redditch, England.

My car has just passed its yearly MOT Test, so that's a relief as it is 18 years old. Today I am driving around Redditch and dropping my Card into Church letter boxes. There are about 16 and with my SatNav, I will visit as many as possible.

Well, as usual, today's Ministry Trip was interesting and amazing. I managed to visit most of the Churches on my list. Some I could not find, or were not operating on a weekday.

St Andrews Methodist Church B98 9AA were open with a nice Cafe. They were warm and welcoming to a stranger.

The Bridge Church, B97 4JX, was also open and were welcoming. I enjoyed a Coffee and Cake in the Coffee Shop and had some polite conversation.

Southcrest Evangelical Church had workmen on site, so I left my cards with them.

Oasis Christian Centre had a young man onsite and we had a long chat. The Holy Spirit led my conversation and I hope it will bear good fruit.

Saturday 27th May 2017. St Martins in the Bull Ring, Birmingham, England.

Now my health has improved, I will be witnessing for the Lord Jesus Christ in Public.

John 15:10 If you obey my commands, you will remain in my love, just as I have obeyed my Father's commands and remain in his love.

What is Proper Christian Conduct? Love, Goodwill and Benevolence.


The week leading up to Christmas 2016

I will be trying to hand deliver Christmas Cards to as many local Churches as possible.

Well, the weather has been less than good, but the Holy Spirit gave me one day with constant sunshine and a light wind - I was on my Pushbike. I managed to deliver all my Cards to Birmingham Churches in Stirchley, Selly Oak and Northfield (It was a long bike ride) as I had the exact number without counting them beforehand. Had some enjoyable chats, though met a couple of Church Workers who felt distinctly uncomfortable - outnumbered by the Church Workers and Members who were all smiles and warm chats.

Enjoyed a splendid meal at the Baptist Church in Northfield. Highly recommended for the food, comfort and hospitality. Could have done with some Jesus Material on the walls? "Knock!" "Knock!"

The Ladies preparing St Mary's Church were a true blessing. Such a lovely Church with lots of professional publications and service sheets.

I may have missed a couple of Churches, but at 72 years of age, I was on my limit and had several Pedestrians smiling at me - OK, laughing! hehehehe

Sunday 18th December 2016

Visited my lovely sister who has serious Dementia and in her 10th year of suffering.
An extremely emotional day with her and her family. To prayer for her in front of family and other patients and staff plus share about the Lord Jesus and how He gets you through family disasters was special. Weather forecast for the drive down to London was fog, but after a misty start the weather cleared. Also put flowers on my Families Graves. A day when many memories were brought into being. A day in which my Lord and Saviour shone His light into what is a tragedy.

Wednesday 14th December 2016

A walk through Kings Heath, Birmingham B14, England.

While in Kings Heath I dropped a Christmas Card into 3 Churches. I also spent some time explaining The Trinity and what it is to be a Disciple of the Lord Jesus to a Muslim Girl. Only the Holy Spirit of God could have set up this meeting.

Jesus is always at work, though many, including professing Christians, push him away.

Saturday 3rd December 2016

A day spent in Mountsorrel, Leicestershire

On hearing that my first Church, Christ Church, Mountsorrel was holding a Christmas Tree Festival, I drove the 53 miles to see what it was about. I was not disappointed and I met many Church Members from the time I was a member.

Before arriving at Christ Church, I dropped in at the Mountsorrel Methodist Church. Some 7th Day Adventists were holding a meeting there, but I was able to hand someone my Cards and a brief explanation of my ministry.

After my visit to Christ Church, I heard there was a Sale on at the Mountsorrel Baptist Church with refreshments available.

I am glad to report that I had an immensely enjoyable day as the Holy Spirit led me into many fruitful conversations. It opened my eyes! There is definitely an enthusiasm for Church Christianity, though they have some way to go to be totally Spiritually led.

My ministry is, as always, to witness for the Lord Jesus, and I hope that in the near future I can be of service to them. In the meantime, They have access to my website.

My prayer is to see the Church Members to work closer together in Mountsorrel and encourage each other to be as the Lord Jesus describes in John 14:23.

Tuesday 11th October 2016

Walk to Martineau Gardens via Cannon Hill Park

What started out as a Ministry Trip stimulated by a desire to escape my Computer. Turned into a very pleasant walk with a couple of Christians on a visit from Devon, Ian & Yvette. We chatted and discussed quite deep things, with me probably doing too much of the talking at times. The problem is I don't know if I will meet people again. But this was not a problem and we ended our walk with a light lunch in the Cannon Hill Park Tea Room. They were kind enough to treat me to my lunch. This is all so very rare and was a real treat for me. A wonderful walk! God is good!

After leaving them to continue my Trip, I walked to Martineau Gardens about 1/4 of a mile away. Martineau Gardens is a beautiful community garden and a charity, located two miles from Birmingham City Centre. An oasis for wildlife, a haven of tranquillity or simply a great destination for an outdoor adventure, there are two and a half acres of organically managed landscape for you to explore. The staff were very friendly and informative. They no longer get Council Funding, so need Donations of £250 a day to operate. I prayed that they may have an increase in donations.

Saturday 8th October 2016

Abortion Vigil in Edgbaston then walk into Birmingham UK City Centre to witness for my Lord Jesus


Well, the Holy Spirit gave me other amazing Ministry Trip. I travelled to the Abortion Vigil and found 3 people already praying, so I shared who I was and what I was doing in the area of Abortion. On leaving them my details I walked back towards the City Centre.

I passed a builder doing some repairs to a Customers home. I made a joke about the garage full of things and an expensive car parked out in the drive. We got chatting about what I was doing, and then shared stories going back to the 2nd World War. It was very good natured.

 I came across a nice gentle lady with tattoos and jokingly asked if she was lost. She replied she was waiting for a taxi. We shared a bit about myself and what I do (Witness to people about the Lord Jesus). She shared it was good to believe in something. We got on very well, then her taxi arrived.

I then made my way to the Oasis Church Centre that was having repairs and modification done to it. I got chatting to a Christian couple who had been visiting it. I shared my Testimony of how I had been living within 4 miles of the Church since 1985 and some of the amazing things that I had done in the Spirit during that time - 31 years - and how I had no Christian friends. They shared what their Church was doing and updated me on Bob Dunnett who was in the room at 2 Pakenham Road when I was given a prophecy in 1987.

I then delivered some more of my Cards and spoke to a few Christians about what I do.

Tuesday 20th September 2016

Sparkbrook and Balsall Heath in Birmingham
I will cycle around the many Churches and deliver Cards promoting my Ministry of witnessing for the Lord Jesus. I lived in Balsall Heath from 1987 to 1997, so it will be interesting. I will also visit Canon Hill Park for my lunch.

A sad Trip today from a Church point of view. Churches were closed and not a sign of life, just a couple of Offices and a Charity Shop. I always wonder why they do not have Hymns Playing and publicity about the Lord Jesus? I put a Card in Sparkbrook Elim Christian Centre where Ken Newton and I ministered back in 1992/93. Not had any positive feedback despite several requests.

God Interested in Sparkbrook?

In 1992/93, God used Ken Newton, from Australia, and I to guide and encourage Christians in an inner-city church in Sparkbrook. This without each of us knowing we would be used this way. God does work in mysterious ways.

I had received an encouraging letter from this minister that was used by the Holy Spirit to get me to start using my gifts again.  One day while in prayer I was told to go to this small church that I had not been to before.  I shared with the pastor what I believed the Lord wanted me to do and offered him my services, which he was grateful to have.

One day the pastor called unexpectedly to my home, we did not know each other, so we discussed my testimony for a couple of hours.  Indeed, he was very encouraging and the Holy Spirit helped a few of the congregation through my ministry including himself and his wife for whom I was given an important message regarding their future ministry.

Several months later the Holy Spirit told me to go back to them.  As we walked towards the church one of my daughters commented on how God works unexpectedly.  I certainly was not aware of the unexpected events that were to follow.  During the service, it was announced that the minister from Australia was to be at the church on the next Tuesday evening.

On that evening he arrived and ministered to many people in the congregation, informing them of what God wanted them to do.  He especially helped the pastor and his wife; giving them a message that confirmed the one, I had given them.

Afterwards he sat down and looked extremely tired commenting on how he had attended 110 meetings in 111 days.  The leaders prayed for him with no effect.

I went over and took his hand telling him who I was.  He thought for a moment, and then remembering who I was, he jumped up full of life once more.  He was very happy to see us, especially the girls whom he had never met. He went over to them and asked them to support their Mum and Dad.

Over the next few weeks, I tried to encourage those who had been helped, but was not able to.

Never the less, at one service I was filled with the Holy Spirit in a way I had not been before and the Lord Jesus Himself spoke through me of their need to get right with Him in order for Gods’ will to be done in helping their local community.

The Pastor and his wife left the Church.

My tribute to the late Rev. Ken Newton of Wholeness Ministries International.


Had some nice chats with local Asians. Told them I use to live in Balsall Heath. I have always found them very friendly and helpful.

While enjoying my lunch in Cannon Hill Park, there was an Elf standing outside. Eventually people started to approach him and he sprinkled dust on them and gave them a bag. As I left, I chatted to him and to some of the ladies who approached him. I got mildly "Cough!" hugged and had several photos taken with them. Then I came across a Bride Dressed in Silver White. I chatted with her and told her how nice she looked.

On way home I met a group of cyclist helping an elderly woman who had hurt her leg. I pointed to my Doctors Surgery about 50 yards away. I prayed for her and then moved on. Had not got far and I nearly knocked a Police Officer off his bike. So I told him about the woman and he rode off to check on her.

Just another interesting day. :-)

Saturday 17th September 2016

Birmingham, England
I will take the Bus into The Bull Ring, pray for Lost Souls, coffee break in St Martin in the Bull Ring Church, then walk down to The Custard Factory.

The Holy Spirit always blesses some of those I meet.


Well, today was no different. I always say it, but it's amazing how the Holy Spirit brings me into contact with those I do not know. Yes, I do say hello to a few that I have had contact with. They always give me a warm welcome and the humour always flows.

On arriving in Birmingham, I did some shopping and 'Smiling at people'. Went into St Martins for a Coffee and Hot Crumpets - left a card with the staff. Went into The Custard Factory and at once saw the Gallery Church with a teaching session in progress. With the help of 2 lovely kids, I got the attention of a Leader and gave her my Card and we shared brief testimony. They have a great need of my Spiritual Gifts, but only time will tell if they are open to the Spirit as not all Christians are in the Body of Christ. Within 1/2 an hour of saying goodbye, I was sharing the Lord Jesus with a Asian Shopkeeper. I say it again, but it's amazing to see the Holy Spirit opening a Sinner to the truth about Jesus. I then made my way back to the Railway Station and sharing the love of God to many. I met one Muslim Shopkeeper who recognised me after several years. We went instantly into humorous banter (Southern Humour is a bit on the edge) that even made an elderly Muslim Lady Customer laugh.

I finished with a miracle; as I was waiting to get off the train at Bournville, a young lady came to me in a bit of a panic. "Could you tell me where this train is going? I want New Street Station and have an urgent appointment." I told her this was the wrong train and she wanted one that was going in the other direction. As she got off with me, the other train was entering the station. She had a long way to get onto the next platform - a really long way. But as she ran like mad, for someone in her shoes, I prayed for the train to wait. You could see she was in doubt of it waiting. But I continued in prayer and the train waited for her.

Only God knows why he wanted all this to happen. Praise Him! Thank you Dear Lord Jesus.

Thursday 25th August 2016

Sutton Coldfield
I will take the Cross-City train as the weather is forecast to be a bit damp. I have some shopping to do and can fit that in between Prayer Stops.


Another amazing day! The weather was muggy with outbreaks of rain - perseverance being tested? :-)  Spoke to some elderly ladies about Jesus while on the street. They were absolutely kind and polite to me. Visited a boarded up church thinking, "Not another one closed!" But they were just doing a conversion to it. After some much needed shopping at M&S, I finally ended my Trip at Sutton Coldfield United Reformed Church. I entered in a state of overheating after my exertions. What a delight that was as most people, too many to chat with all, were open and warm, plus extremely helpful. I had a profitable conversation with a Minister and Lay Minister who coped with me very well. ;-) The food and service in the Cafe Oasis was top class.

Thank you Lord for another excellent day - 3 in one week! I could get use to this. :-)

Wednesday 24th August 2016

Cotteridge, Stirchley and Selly Park
I will probably take my pushbike


It was a very warm trip, but one Church, St Stephen's Selly Park, gave me a much needed cold drink of water. I shared my Testimony with the Gentleman who helped me. He received it very well. I hope to meet him again. I visited a total of 9 Churches.

Once again the Holy Spirit led me to a person the Lord Jesus wanted to help. It's often the case and shows that the Body of Christ is real.

Monday 22nd August 2016

Kings Heath, Birmingham, England.
I walked from my Home in Stirchley to Kings Heath and back. I stopped at a variety of places and witnessed for my Lord Jesus as appropriate. Once again, the Holy Spirit opened hearts and minds according to what they needed from me. I am still amazed. You must remember that Birmingham is a City with massive problems, like many Cities are. So when a Member of Christ's Body walks among the people, they get noticed. They respond to the love of Jesus! I always keep 'who to' and 'what is said' in strictest confidence.


Chatting to people Victorian Tea Rooms Kings Heath Park.

Chatting to people and children during a very nice Lunch at Kings Heath Baptist Church. Chicken Salad on a plate with a Coffee.

Saturday 6th August 2016

Update. I am conscious of the Lords warnings in Matthew 6: I managed to pray discretely for 8 Churches. Only 3 were being used during the day, the rest were closed. I witnessed without advertising my Ministry at various levels with a German Grandfather and his Grandson; A Homeless Woman; A elderly Couple from Shirley; A Muslim Butcher; A Christian giving out Tracts; A 16 year old daughter of a Champion Boxer; and a number of casual helloes and shallow chats.

God Willing, I will travel on bicycle and foot to the following Churches; praying for a short time and placing a card through their door:

  1. Birmingham City Church
  2. Birmingham Cathedral
  3. Church of England Birmingham
  4. The Church at Carr's Lane
  5. St Martins in the Bullring
  6. Birmingham Vineyard Church
  7. Highgate Baptist Church
  8. Edward Rd Baptist Church
  9. Then finish in Cannon Hill Park

May God give me all that I need to complete my holy task. My aim is to mobilise Churches and Christian Organisations through Spiritual Encouragement. This not about me, it's about helping both the true Members of the Body of Christ as described in John 14:23 and those who are Professing Christians as described in John 14:24.

The Holy Spirit is on the move in and around Birmingham, England, leading up to a major move by the Lord Jesus prior to his taking serious action depending on that which is for Him or against Him. The whole of His Spiritual Body will be involved according to their GIFTs, both existing and new. No member will be left out but it's their personal responsibility to respond to the Spirit that is in them. This Visitation by the Lord Jesus will be sudden as it will be revealing.


You can follow this teaching on my BLOG and PODCAST

My Tribute to the Rev Ken and Jean Newton, once of Wholeness Ministries International in Southport, Nr Brisbane, Australia.

Tuesday 2nd August 2016

I have visitors from Australia, the parents of my Daughters Husband who are Christians. We will tour Bournville Village. I know the Holy Spirit will be a blessing to us.

Saturday 30th July 2016

Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, England.
I managed to chat with strangers and pray for the very ill and badly hurt patients I saw. How I wish I could have done more to help them.

July 2016

I shared about the Lord Jesus and my Ministry with a little bit about me and my time in Balsall Heath. Gave out my 'Who I am and what I do' cards. Once again, a stranger came to me and was open to the Holy Spirit. It's easy to say "God is good!" but he continually gives me testimony to share. Praise the Lord! John 14:23

20th March 2016

Joining in a Birmingham - 40 Days For Life event.

We end our 40 Days for Life campaign this Sunday. Join us at 6.45pm as we have Stations of the Cross around Marie Stopes abortion centre in Arthur Rd, Edgbaston Birmingham. If you haven't been before this would be a great time to come - we usually are blessed with the presence of a few priests who lead the prayers whilst other people take turns carrying a large wooden cross. Then we will go off together & celebrate another hugely successful campaign! Spread the word!

19th March 2016

Walking around amongst people in Birmingham, England.

What heart warming joy to see the response of strangers today - Ministry Walk‬. However...

Easter 2016

I will be sending to as many Christian Churches as I can an Internet Link to my Bible Doctrine webpage on Lying. A mix of Holy Bible Passages, Christian Teaching from Charles Finney, and my Personal Testimony.

  1. What does the Holy Bible say about Lying.
  2. The 3 Groups of Professing Christians.
  3. That Christian Perfection is attainable.
  4. My Testimony of 30 years in Birmingham, England.
  5. What those in the wrong should be doing to get right with the Lord Jesus via His Gospel.

12th February 2016

Improving my transport mobility and visibility

My new folding bicycle. This will enable me to circle around an area dropping in promotional material and also to stand in a prominent place that will let people chat to me, and if they want to, take a business card.

I am also printing ("mikehill4jesus" Google it!) onto a red T-shirt for me to wear.

My aim is to carry the folding bike on both train or bus, unfold it to do my ministry, then return home by the same means.

Mike with his folding bike


I will be posting a Handout and DVD into the Churches and also allowing the Holy Spirit to guide me into conversations with people who are in need of knowing about the Lord Jesus Christ who is alive today. A true Saviour, not just a person mentioned in the Holy Bible. Please pray that the Lost will be open to see the truth. Also that Christians will put the teachings of the Lord Jesus into practice that they may enter into union with Him and his Father through the power of the Holy Spirit.

I am also sending out my email to as many Churches as I can.

I obtain my information from the internet and have come to learn that several Churches and Fellowships no longer exist.

To be honest, the responses have been 0. However, all I am commanded to do is witness, I am not responsible for peoples responses.

In the Love of Jesus,
Mike Hill

Ministering in Bournville

My webpage about witnessing

The Gospel
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