Ken was used by God to guide and encourage me.

God uses the Hill Family and has done for 41 years.

John 14:23-24

In this Video I share my tribute to the late Rev. Ken Newton of Wholeness Ministries International.

Parts of my Testimony about Ken.

My Christ-given ministry since 1977 is a genuine ministry to both the Body of Christ and the unsaved throughout the world. A benevolent ministry that is continually being guided and blessed by my Lord Jesus Christ according to the will of His Father God and given to me in public prophecy through an Apostle, Rev. Ken Newton of Wholeness Ministries International in 1987.

True Help at Last from a Real Apostle!

In June 1986, the Holy Spirit was to use an ardent disciple of the Lord who was based in Australia, to help me in a way that was truly remarkable. His name was Ken Newton. The Holy Spirit had told me that we were to go to Switzerland in the middle summer of our two years at College. I thought it must be for a holiday as we were all very tired.

Representatives of a child evangelism agency came to talk about their work. They showed us a picture of a ship with no crew. While I sat there, the Holy Spirit confirmed that this was the reason he wanted me to go.

At Chapel Prayers Ken Newton had called people out front to give them teaching and guidance, some were laying on the floor under the power of the Holy Spirit. With sweaty palms I sat there and prayed for them not quite sure what was going on. I mistakenly thought they were being punished but this was obviously not the case. This was all new to me!

I knew that I needed some help so we went to see Ken at the Principal's home. The queue was down the hall and up the stairs, but we took our place and waited.

When it came to our turn, he came out from behind his table and told us to have faith, he touched me on the shoulder and down I went. I lay there in a sort of red cloud not quite sure of why I could not feel any pain from the fall. It was certainly an exhilarating experience. However, why no advice about us?

Shortly after this meeting with him I noticed that my faith in Jesus had increased and the over acidic stomach that affected me during times of ministry preparation had gone.

I was so glad that the late Brash Bonsall, Founder and Principle, invited us to BBI.

God Knows the Future

The Ken Newton from Australia was to be a blessing to me for a second time with an unexpected message. In the years since, I have seen how marvellously God has worked through him!

His help this time came during a lesson when he called me and my wife out to the front and gave us a message that is hard to believe: God had given him a picture of my wife and I bound together with elastic bands. These were because we would become separated, but the bands would stretch and not allow us to be parted. Then the bands would bring us back together again. I was to give God first claim on my time - to be obedient - to allow Jesus complete ownership of me - to widen my vision of ourselves, which was too narrow - I was to use my Gifts - Then, after years of suffering, God would raise us up nearer to Him. He placed his hand on my shoulder and I fell to the floor.

As I made my way back to my seat, I was staggering as if drunk.

Today, 31 years on....

Today we are near to seeing this prophecy fulfilled and we certainly need to pray for those who encouraged her to divorce herself from the family, for in many cases they did not know what they were doing, not that that excuses them. She once shared with me her regret at taking their advice. If only those Charismatic Evangelical Counsellors and others could realise the damage they have done and the financial cost to us as an innocent family through their gossip and false ministry. Still, we all have to learn and often by our mistakes.

God Interested in Sparkbrook, Birmingham?

In 1992/93, God used Ken Newton, from Australia, and I, to guide and encourage Christians in an inner-city elim church in Sparkbrook. This without each of us knowing we would be used this way. God does work in mysterious ways.

I had received an encouraging letter from this minister that was used by the Holy Spirit to get me to start using my gifts again. One day while in prayer I was told to go to this small church that I had not been to before. I shared with the pastor what I believed the Lord wanted me to do and offered him my services, which he was grateful to have.

One day the pastor called unexpectedly to my home, we did not know each other, so we discussed my testimony for a couple of hours. Indeed, he was very encouraging and the Holy Spirit helped a few of the congregation through my ministry including himself and his wife for whom I was given an important message regarding their future ministry.

Several months later the Holy Spirit told me to go back to them. As we walked towards the church one of my daughters commented on how God works unexpectedly. I certainly was not aware of the unexpected events that were to follow. During the service, it was announced that the minister from Australia, Ken, was to be at the church on the next Tuesday evening.

On that evening he arrived and ministered to many people in the congregation, informing them of what God wanted them to do. He especially helped the pastor and his wife; giving them a message that confirmed the one, I had given them.

Afterwards he sat down and looked extremely tired commenting on how he had attended 110 meetings in 111 days. The leaders prayed for him with no effect.

I went over and took his hand telling him whom I was. He thought for a moment, and then remembering who I was he jumped up full of life once more. He was very happy to see us, especially the girls whom he had never met. He went over to them and asked them to support their Mum and Dad.

Over the next few weeks, I tried to encourage those who had been helped, but was not able to. In fact, after visiting me, the Pastor of the church left it and moved away.

Never the less, at one service I was filled with the Holy Spirit in a way I had not been before and the Lord Jesus Himself spoke through me of their need to get right with Him in order for Gods’ will to be done in helping their local community.

We have a wonderful, powerful God who is perfectly loving, good willing and benevolent. A God who can do anything, even by using a family like ours.

When in 1987, the Rev. Ken Newton of Wholeness Ministries International called me out to the front of a Birmingham Bible Institute class in 2 Pakenham Rd, Birmingham B15 2NE, and prophesied that my ministry would be far wider than I could ever imagine, I never believed it would be as wide as it is today.

Praise be to God!

Links to Ken's first letter to us at the end of 1989

Link to Ken's second letter to us 05/10/1992

This second letter was 5 years before the Holy Spirit helped me to start my first website The Christian Signpost.

As is plainly clear, Our Lord Jesus gifted Ken to help us as a family and me in my ministry.

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